Our Mission

Our mission is to provide pet owners with access to premium-quality dog food and treats made from 100% animal meat products sourced from trusted Colorado farmers. We are dedicated to offering freeze-dried and air-dried options consisting of single-ingredient animal parts, ensuring wholesome nutrition in every bite.

What People Are Saying

David M.

I can't recommend Farmer Brown Dog Treats enough! My dog has a sensitive stomach, but since switching to these treats, I've noticed a significant improvement in his digestion.

Sarah R.

My dog absolutely loves Farmer Brown Dog Treats! As a pet owner who prioritizes quality nutrition, I'm thrilled to have found treats made from 100% animal meat.

Emily S.

Farmer Brown Dog Treats has been a game-changer for us. The variety of options available, from liver to muscle meat, ensures that there's something for every palate.

Mark T.

I've been searching for natural, wholesome treats for my dog, and Farmer Brown Dog Treats exceeded my expectations. The air-dried options are not only convenient but also packed with nutrients.

100% Meat, 100% Happy Dog


Farmer Brown Dog Treats

Welcome to Farmer Brown Dog Treats, your trusted source for premium-quality dog food and treats. We specialize in providing 100% animal meat products sourced from Colorado farmers. Our freeze-dried and air-dried offerings consist of single ingredient animal parts, including liver, muscle meat, heart, kidney, and more, ensuring wholesome nutrition in every bite.

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